Rogier Maaskant Photography

NAi Rotterdam



This basically was the idea for the art-auction held at the Dutch Architecture Institute to raise money for the people in Pakistan after it flooded in 2010.

Safe drinking water the goal. By means of life-straws: personal portable water filters. 

More then 120 art works were donated. By both artists as well as private collectors.

Over €17.000 was raised.

Not much, you might say. But certainly a lot more then we, Gudrun Feldkamp and me, could have contributed on our own. And since everthing was sponsored; the construction for the exhibition, the PA system, the concerts, the catalogue, the flyers, the notary, the packaging, the lighting - except our lunch during the auction day on saterday -  we agreed it was quite succesfull. 


- The NAi building was closed for renovation so we could use the main exhibition space.

- More then 40 volunteers helped to make this happen.

-The flyer stated “If you have a Herman Brood (a Dutch singer and painter) behind your cabinet, please bring it in for auction”.
And someone actually did have one. Behind his cabinet. He brought it. And it was auctioned.

Sold for €950

Music by:
Celine Cairo
& Einstein Barbie