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In 2007 I left the house on a warm summer eve to wander in contemplation about what to do next in my life. I took my camera
with me as I walked round the pond and noticed how many insects there were flying around.

At first I thought most of the insects I captured were moquitos and moths. I got in contact with someone at Wageningen University to find out most these bugs were, in fact, Trichoptera. These insects come in a variety of around 14.500(!) subspecies worldwide.

I then was introduced to Bert Higler, Trichoptera-expert. He told me he had been studying these species for over 25 years and never had seen such beautiful images of his ‘subject matter’. One and a half year later he opened the exhibition of these photographs at the Museum of Natural History in Rotterdam.

Norman Bryson, art historian, wrote to me about these images: ‘Very beautiful, they remind me of  17th century Dutch insect drawings’.